Monday, November 26, 2007

Are Christians too quick to unite with one political party?

The presidential election is less than a year away. And the primaries start in about 3 minutes. So, when I saw this story from CBS news, it caught my attention. It's about some black Christians who are divided about who they ought to vote for.

The story acknowledges that although blacks vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic party, they hold to fairly conservative views on issues like abortion and gay marriage. But they support more liberal stances on education and race-based quotas. So these leaders are feeling torn. Who do they support in the next election?

My opinion? Both parties play to their bases' fear and suspicions. Democrats pick at the wounds that many blacks have because of past slavery and discrimination. They promise to do something to improve the plight of black people.

The Republican party convinces white evangelical Christians that the liberal elite are coming to destroy the country. I don't know how true it is, because Republicans have done a pretty good job destroying the country, especially over the last 7 years. I don't even think they believe it; many of them certainly don't live like the virtuous Christian folk they claim to be.

I like what one of the black speakers said--that he was going to support certain issues, rather than back a party or a candidate. If Christians stood up as a group and stood against abortion, discrimination, illegal immigration, and the other social evils that continue to exist in this country, then politicians would take notice.

It's our willingness to cling to "our" party, no matter what, that neuters us...

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