Saturday, December 27, 2008

The church, working...

I know I spend some time on this blog talking about the church, about what's wrong and how to fix it. So here's my positive comment about something that's right with a church: this story about a church in suburban Chicago.

They get it. They understand that it's not about the buildings, or the decorations, or any of that other stuff. It's about living out the life of Christ everywhere we are: in our own lives, in our family, with our friends, in our communities.

Now everyone. On the count of 3: 1-----2-----3: Hooray, Waterfront Community Church! Hooray!

You may now return to your seats...

How's it, right?

Hey everybody! It's been almost 3 weeks since the magic of this blog blessed the interweb. But here I am, tanned, rested, and ready. Here's the rundown on what was going on in the J house for the last 20 days: I was sick, the Mighty Mrs. J was sick, all the kids were sick, I got an insane amount of work (that kept me up until 3 a.m. several nights in a row), and I had a terrific Christmas with the greatest family in the world.

So anyway, did I miss anything while I was gone?

(Does anyone know where the title of this post comes from?)