Monday, March 24, 2008

Piglet, 2007-2008

Easter was mostly great at the J house. In the morning, we hosted the great families that we worship with. It was a good time to talk, eat, sing, and remember just how terrific God is to each of us.

Then in the afternoon the Mighty Mrs. J's family came over, and we celebrated Easter with them. But between Easter celebrations, a very sad event happened: our guinea pig, Piglet, passed from this mortal coil.

It was all a terrible accident. We put him (or her, I don't know which) in the garage in the morning. Then later, I opened the garage door. Some time after that, I let the dog out, and he must have gone straight for the garage. Poor piglet was dead before I could get back out there to save him (or her).

Of course, I feel terrible. The kids are sad. But we still have our memories of the happy times we had with our little guinea pig buddy.

So goodbye, Piglet. Thank you for being a good pet. May you rest in peace...

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