Sunday, March 16, 2008

One of the perks of daddyhood...

There are actually a lot of great things about being a dad. I forget most of them when my kids are being loud and annoying (you know, being kid-like). But one of the great things is how they express their love for me. Little MacGyver always tells me I'm the best dad he's ever had. (He's right, by the way.) DisneyGirl says she "really likes me."

And tonight, it was Toddler Houdini's turn. She couldn't find her blankie (her "blankley") at bedtime, so I went on a room-to-room search for it. When I found it, I took it back to her. She said, "Dad, you're the big, best dad!" And she cuddled up with her blankley.

I never get tired of hearing stuff like that...

Here she is, with her big, best dad, and her blankley:

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