Sunday, March 30, 2008

A blog recommendation...

Occasionally, I try to pass along a blog I've found that I find especially enjoyable or interesting. I say "occasionally" because, let's be honest, there are a lot of blogs that are a total waste of bandwidth. And most of the rest of them are trying to recruit you into a multi-level marketing scheme.

But there are some real gems in the blog universe (blogverse?). One of them is First Born Son, where Omar writes on matters of faith and life from a unique perspective. His father is a Muslim from Iraq; his mother is a Christian from Texas. He is a Methodist minister living in the South (I forget exactly where). Out of that mix of cultures and values comes some deep insights about some of the most important issues that Americans, and especially Christians, face.

Do I agree with everything Omar says? Of course not. (I don't agree with anyone all the time.) But I have all kinds of respect for people who take their faith seriously, and want to live out their beliefs, not just believe them.

So go check out his blog, and while you're there, remember: say hi, play nice, and try not to break anything...

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