Monday, July 21, 2008

The cost of illegal immigration...

This is a tough video to watch, but get through it if you can. It's a poor woman whose husband and 2 of her sons were gunned down in San Francisco by some monster.

The worst part: the killer is an illegal alien gang member who was convicted of a couple of violent crimes. But he was never deported, because San Francisco is a "sanctuary city" that refuses to alert the federal authorities when they have illegals in custody. Because of this policy, this woman is left without a husband and two sons, and she has another son and a daughter that will grow up without a father, or their brothers.

This is the real cost of illegal immigration. When we don't control who comes into our country, scum like this murderer are going to come in and destroy innocents. That's not to say that every illegal immigrant is a killer. Of course that's not true.

But the inescapable fact is this: if this guy had been deported and not allowed to return, these people would be alive today. And this family would not be paying for our unwillingness to secure our border...

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