Tuesday, July 22, 2008

China welcomes dissidents for Olympics...

When China was given the right to host the 2008 summer Olympics, they promised the International Olympic Committee that they would start allowing more freedom to Chinese citizens, and free access for foreign reporters covering the Olympics.

Shockingly, it turns out that China may not be keeping its word.

According to this story from an Australian paper, China is shipping off people who come to Beijing to protest government corruption. On the morning that the reporter was on hand, they had already sent six busloads of troublemakers off to who-knows-where.

Also, the reporters were questioned and hassled, and their interpreter was taken into a security guard office to be questioned. So much for letting the press do its job.

The article also talks about the crackdowns that are happening in other provinces, all because China is determined to present a "perfect" country to the world. And they don't care who needs to be crushed to do it.

I really have trouble understanding how US media can go over and report on all the greatest of the Olympics, with hardly a mention of the oppression by the Chinese government.

Most of all, I don't get where President Bush is in all this. I mean, doesn't he say he's committed to spreading freedom throughout the world? Isn't that one reason we went into Iraq (supposedly)? Yet, not a peep from him when it comes to China's human rights abuses. In fact, he'll be right there at the Olympic opening ceremonies, celebrating while his fellow Christians are rotting in Chinese prisons for their faith.

Why won't he boycott the opening ceremonies? He doesn't want to insult the Chinese government. I guess I shouldn't expect our president to side with people being oppressed by an evil Chinese government. But I'm still disappointed...


Emmychka said...

I understand that all of us may have some disappointment with our President. But it isn't an excuse to speak badly of him or judge him or berate him. Christ never once spoke ill of the Romans or Cesar. He never led the revolution that his disciples thought He would either. (to overthrow the Romans)

I think we as Christians have such a charge to pray for our leaders and not judge them and let Christ do that.

I'm sorry, I don't necessarily agree with our President, but I feel that us as Christians need to stand behind him, regardless of if we agree or believe or what not. I believe he has a very tough job and he's had to make decisions that must've been very difficult, especially after 9/11.

Emmychka said...
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Richard J said...

Em--Gotta disagree with you on this. If you believe that God ordains governments, then it's an American Christian's responsibility to call their government to account. That's because the US government gets its power from the people, and is responsible to the people.

That doesn't mean I don't pray for the president. It does mean when he is wrong, part of my duty as a citizen is to hold his feet to the fire.

It's especially true since Bush claims to be a believer. He should be held to a higher standard by other believers, especially when what he does affects persecuted believers...