Thursday, July 24, 2008

China welcomes freedom of expression...

China is really trying to clean up its country before the Olympics. By clean up, of I mean "get rid of anyone who might embarrass the government." One of the latest outrages comes from this story. China arrested a guy on parole violations after being convicted of subversion in 2004.

What is this guy's crime? Has he plotted the violent overthrow of the Chinese government? Did he attempt to assassinate Chinese officials? Not quite. He was arrested for "posting online essays" in support of another dissident.

That's right. He's part of that infamous group of extremely violent and dangerous criminals known as "essayists." No wonder he had to be stopped. Who knows when he might have written again.

The article mentions some other dissidents who have also been rounded up in recent weeks. It's obvious that the Chinese government wants to stamp out anything that might make them look bad. And they don't care about minor things like human rights and morality.

It's so bad that even these clueless people can see how bad things are. It's still amazing to me that so many of our leaders seem bent on celebrating China and its oppressive government. Not only is President Bush a big fan of the Chinese leaders, but now Barack Obama is joining the fan club. He's pulled a flip-flop after saying that Bush should not attend the opening ceremonies. Now he's buying $5 million in ads for the Olympics telecast.

Unless the ads detail the human rights abuses of the Chinese government, I'll mark this as a mistake by the Obama campaign...

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