Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My son picks the best music...

Little McGyver came into my office today while I was looking for a song on the computer. He says he wants to pick some music too. What does he want? The Wiggles? Maybe Backyardigans? Not for this boy. He wants the "cowboy song." What's the cowboy song, you may ask? This sweet, adorable children's classic:

Doesn't it just leave a warm feeling deep in your heart? But he wasn't done picking out songs he wanted to hear. We were combing through more Johnny Cash songs. That's when he found another song he loved. Another children's classic:

For those of you not initiated, the second video is Social Distortion's cover of the old Cash song, "Ring of Fire." Again, typical children's music.

I think I'll have to draw the line when he says, "Daddy can I listen to some Snoop Dogg while I go to sleep?"


Michelle said...

Looks like your little guy has some great taste in music!

I'm so glad I found YOUR BLOG! I will stop back by! Cap has joined the blogsphere...www.mindofcap.blogspot.com

He and Jeff J. and Cathi N. have been pretty active commenting on my blog....Stop by anytime! :)

Cap said...

Hey Richard, do you remember that you still owe me about 5 million dollars?

Cap said...

Not to scare you Richard, but when I was a kid Johnny Cash was my favorite singer,well him and the Brady Kids.
See, even with your kids you can't escape having similarities with me? ;p
btw, check out my blog

Put a special tribute to you there LOL