Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is George W. bush an accessory to a rape?

Recently I posted about something GW Bush had done during his presidency--namely, his stance on embryonic stem cells. But I also need to point out what I believe to be the biggest of GW's many failures as president.

At a time when national security is supposed to be the number one priority for his administration, GWB has refused to guard our nation's borders on all four sides. I can't imagine why he won't enforce the country's laws. He takes great pride in saying we're fighting terror oversees. Yet we know that every year thousands of people from terror-sponsoring countries (like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.) come into the country illegally. Where are they? Who are they? Why are they here? We don't know, because we have no way to track them.

Some people think that illegal immigration is just an economic problem. And we do spend billions of dollars every year on social services for illegal aliens. But there is also a real human toll associated with the problem, and it usually goes unreported (or underreported) by the media.

This story is a telling example of what I mean. It tells of a woman whose car broke down on the freeway recently. She was viciously raped by a guy who was arrested several days later. He's here illegally, and has apparently been arrested before. Every year, thousands of violent crimes are committed in the US by people who shouldn't be here in the first place. (This congressional report lays out the facts pretty clearly. Look especially at the section entitled "Illegal Alien Crimes Against US citizens.")

To me, every time an illegal immigrant commits a crime in this country, GWB is responsible. He let them in the country, and he's responsible for what they do. Including the rapes, murders, and molestations.

Now, is every illegal immigrant a violent criminal? Of course not! Only a moron would suggest that. But, how many violent criminals should we be bringing on from other countries? Don't we have enough American criminals?

I don't know GWB's reasons for not securing the borders of this country. I suspect they have to do with providing cheap labor for his manufacturing buddies, and a desire to ease in a globalist agenda. But he needs to know that there is a human cost for what he's done. And GWB's bad decisions have resulted in one more shattered life...

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