Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fun facts from Cap's list...

My former friend Cap recently posted 20 fun facts about himself. I ended up being mentioned in a couple of them, and I think I need to set the record straight:

About #16--"
RichardJ was the 'mother' of our friend Darren. (He should explain that)" There was a rumor circulating our beloved high school that I wrote some of Darren's notes excusing him from class. And that I signed the notes as Darren's mother. I only have this to say: I am offended by these accusations, which go to the very core of my character as a high school student. And each of those notes, to my knowledge, was authentic.

About #1--"RichardJ is not buoyant" That is absolutely true. Was true then, is true now. I am forever indebted to Cap for saving my life. I have, however, repaid him countless times with my my charm, brilliant banter, and unsurpassed friendship.

I think we're about even...

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