Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alabama voters are also VERY excited about the election...

In 6 Alabama counties, there are more registered voters than people living there.

Most revealing paragraph from the story:
Lucy Kynard, chairwoman of the Perry County Board of Registrars, said she wasn't sure why registration would exceed the Census Bureau's population estimate. She said the county's voter rolls are updated regularly to remove voters who have died or moved their registration elsewhere.
Me neither Lucy. There's no chance that it would be in any candidate's interests to have thousands of fraudulent votes cast for them.

Good thing I believe that our election is on the level. Otherwise, I might come to believe that there was an attempt going on to steal an election with illegitimate votes. But that could never happen in the U.S., right?



alan said...

they have since this was written found 8 more counties here in Alabama with more voters than people.Way to go Acorn.

Richard J said...

Alan--Unfortunately, it's not just Alabama. It's Indiana, Ohio, and just about anywhere Acorn and their like have been.

Voter fraud is horrible because it destroys the thing that makes our form of government so great: the right to choose who will govern us.

Voter fraud disenfranchises all of us. But it seems like there are a lot of politicians who crave power at any cost. And they'll destroy the voting process to get in power if they need to...