Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm not sure there's a cure...

I found out tonight that Little MacGyver has an illness that I'm not sure can be cured. We were driving home from the Lynch house, talking about the planet Saturn (he's really interested in the planets right now). He asked me, "Where is Saturn?"

I explained that Saturn is a long way from earth, that it goes around the sun, just like the earth does. He said, the earth goes around the sun? Yes, it does.

He's quiet for a minute. Then he says, "Dada, I'm dizzy."

"Why are you dizzy, son?"

"From the earth spinning around."

Does anyone know how much Dramamine is recommended for motion sickness caused by the earth's rotation?


Tim Lynch said...

I think if you keep your eyes on things that are moving with the earth you can learn to function normally. Dramamine is for things that move faster than you, which for Sam would be a short list:>

Michelle said...

Yes I do know. It's a quarter of a tablet. I take it before I get on planes too.

Richard J said...

Tim--Functioning normally has never been a strong suit for my family, as you well know. And I'm not sure even my boy can keep up with the earth's rotation. Not until he's at least 8.

Michelle--I'm guessing that if a quarter tablet gets you through a plane ride, it would take at least double that to get over a spin on the earth's axis.

Maybe I should call his pediatrician...