Thursday, August 23, 2007

Joining the digital age!

Well, the Mighty Mrs. J and I have gone all high-tech and fancy--we both got iPods! I know what you're thinking. "That's really big news--about 5 years ago." OK, we're just a little late on the gadget bandwagon.

What finally convinced to take the plunge was a conversation I had with one of the guys we church with. One Sunday when we were at his house BBQing and worshiping, I mentioned the great music that was playing in the background. He showed me that it was all coming from his little iPod Nano that he had plugged into his house's intercom system. He said his family really enjoyed traveling with music, books, Bible teaching, whatever--all on their iPod.

Now the thought of carrying audio books everywhere we go was too much for me and the Mighty Mrs. J. We had a Costco gift card, and it just covered two of the 2GB Nanos. So we took the plunge.

I think I've created a monster. The Mighty Mrs. J just spent the better part of the afternoon downloading songs and podcasts and whatever she could from iTunes. And I've got mine loaded up too. (Maybe I should post what I'm listening to on the side of this blog. If I can figure out how to do that.)

To show you just how spiritual I am, I should tell you I have Christian music from Chris Tomlin (the album "Arriving" is awesome), Terry Clark (I love his music!), and several old gospel quartets. Of course, I also have several episodes of the "Dogwatch Social Club Cigar Show". They might not be quite as Holy Spirit-inspired, but they are good for my soul.

It's good to be part of the 21st century...

p.s.--The pic is of the Mighty Mrs. J corrupting the World's Sweetest Toddler by letting her listen to the iPod. It won't be long before all the kids want one...

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