Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time passes quickly...

This is The World's Sweetest Toddler. A little fuzzy, you say? That's because she's always in motion. Honestly, the Mighty Mrs. J took a ton of pics of TWST to put on TWST's adoption notice. (Her adoption just became final 2 weeks ago.) All of them are blurry to some extent. She is constant movement.

It reminds me, though, of something that makes me a little sad. She's not just moving fast in this picture. She's really moving fast through life. When we brought her home, she was a tiny, helpless little bundle of drool and poop. Now, she's a full-blown toddler, rampaging through the house, terrorizing her brother and sister, constantly using her favorite word: "NO!"

Before long, it will be school, and outside interests, and being ashamed of her dorky parents. Then college and work. Then some dirty, filthy, slimy man will come to me and ask if he can marry my precious little girl.

The answer of course will be, "Get your hands off my little girl, scum-boy!" Followed by a warning shot just past his left ear.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. But, time is passing a little too quickly for my comfort...

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Anonymous said...

This picture made me laugh because I have a MILLION just like it.

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