Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Froggy is WAY too permissive...

This is DisneyGirl. She is a great kid. She's funny, charming, smart, and imaginative. She also has a knack for finding a way to be completely charming and totally crazy-making at the very same time.

Yesterday, she came into my office during her nap time. She had a small plastic frog in one hand, and a handful of crackers in the other. The crackers were disintegrating in her hand, and she had a trail of crackers all through the house. I asked her why she had gotten up during her nap. Her reply? "Froggy said I could get crackers. He said it was OK." Well, who am I to argue with a 2" plastic frog? I did have to warn Froggy that next time, he needed to ask me before he let DisneyGirl get crackers during nap time.

DisneyGirl has a great imagination. It's one of the great things about her. I wonder how she'll put that to use as she grows up...

Here's another great DisneyGirl story, see the Mighty Mrs. J's blog:

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Jennifer said...

Hi Sweetie,
Your right--froggy is a bit too permissive! But isn't our little girl just an adorable with her extra-imaginative brain?