Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gender-driven abortion: coming soon to a country near you

Caught this from the Washington Times today.  Apparently, Sweden has ruled that it's A-OK for women to abort their babies based on the sex of the fetus.  It's already a common practice in China, which has a one-child per family policy. 

In China, couples don't want a girl for their only child, so they abort them at very high rates.  Sweden doesn't have a one-child policy.  Gender-driven abortion is just a matter of choice for them.

The reasoning seems to be that in Sweden, women have the unfettered right to abort until the 18th week of pregnancy, no matter the reason.

I have two thoughts about this,a side from the fact that it makes me ill.  First is that since the current president is extremely pro-abortion, as is the Congress, I see no reason to believe that this couldn't become standard practice in the US.  And, it would have the full blessing of the government.

Second, this is nothing less than war against women.  These babies are being destroyed solely based on the fact they are female.  This gives me great confidence that feminist groups, and lawmakers who champion women's rights, are going to jump all over this.  I'm sure we will see protests in front of the Swedish embassy in Washington, DC.  We should see the condemnation of this practice starting anytime now.

In fact, I'll just right here until the protests start...

(H/T: Hot Air)