Monday, November 24, 2008

10 reason public schools are better than homeschooling...

From the Detroit Examiner...


Cap said...

The link is dead already, let me guess some of the reasons:

1. your basketball team won't be good unless you have at least five kids.

2. you can't try forging your parents signatures on progress reports, because they are the ones writing them.

3. if your teacher has some boring story about her karmen ghia, unlike public school where you only have to hear that for one year, if it's home school you have to hear it for your whole life.

4. if the cafeteria food is bad at public school, at least you get to look forward to your mom's home coooking ...

5. you are one of the janitors at a home school.

6. you can't fake being sick to get out of a test.

7. you lose out on valuable peer building activities like giving kids wedgies and bus pranks.

8. you don't get to learn a cool school song.

9. you can't luck out and have a best friend who is a teachers aide who gets you through spanish

10. you never get to meet people like Mr. Dike.

Michelle said...

LOl.....:) Cap, you need to work for David Letterman!