Thursday, June 12, 2008

China "welcomes" the world (just don't get out of line...)

CNN published this story on its website today. China has released a document detailing what foreigners can and can't do when they visit during the summer Olympics. (Olympic slogan: "One world, One dream.") Some of the highlights:

  • no protests without government approval (they don't even let their own people protest, let alone foreigners),
  • Tibet is completely closed to visitors (I thought the Tibetan people were very happy to be part of China),
  • people with "mental diseases" cannot enter the country (sorry Michelle!),
  • all foreigners must register at the local police station within 24 hours of arriving,
  • no banners or displays at the venues that "disrupt the public order (so much for free speech),
  • visitors can't bring in any materials "that are harmful to China's politics, economics, culture and morals". Does that include Bibles?
Basically, they don't want anyone to embarrass them in any way. So, if you go, please don't mention their religious persecution, their support of the murderers who run Sudan, or their occupation of Tibet. And also keep in mind that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

p.s.--There's actually no proof that Michelle has "mental disease." Although some of us have wondered...

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Anonymous said...

No freedom in mainland China!CCP is stirring up mecurial nationalism among the youngster to deprive our rights.By the way, I am a mainland Chinese Christian.