Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey folks, sorry I've been absent for a while. My life has taken a turn for the hectic recently.

I did want to jump in for a second to ask you to pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. He is a Christian musician who has sold about a bazillion albums. He and his wife have also adopted 3 children. They are big supporters of adoption, including giving a substantial amount of money each year to make it easier for families to adopt.

Yesterday, tragedy struck their family. Their youngest girl, who just turned 5, was hit by a vehicle being driven by one of her brothers in the driveway of the family home. She was killed. You can read more about it here and here.

I've got a lot of thoughts, because it reminds me of something a very wise woman told us when we were having some problems with our adoption. But, right now this just hits too close to home. I think I'm going to sneak into our kids' rooms while they sleep and love on them a little. Or maybe a lot...

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