Saturday, July 21, 2007

Great truth from a little girl...

We took the kids to San Diego Wild Animal Park yesterday (Thursday). It was great. Inspiring. The kids loved it. Little MacGyver made a wish at the pond. His wish? To live at the Wild Animal Park forever. (That can be worked out, but we'll have to clear it with Child Protective Services first.)

DisneyGirl was really taken with the whole trip. As we were leaving, she hung back. When I went back to help her along, she said something that struck me. She said, "I love this place. This beautiful place is wonderful. This place is beautiful because I love it." It was that last thing that got me. The park was beautiful, but she had made it more beautiful by her love for it.

I think it's true that we can make people and things beautiful by loving them. An when we show love for someone we bring out their beauty. I wonder how differently some people would think and behave if they knew for certain they were loved.

My little DisneyGirl has me thinking that I need to be more ready to show love toward the people around me. I wonder if that will make them more beautiful...

(As you might have guessed the picture wasn't actually taken at the Wild Animal Park. It was taken someplace far more wild and scary: our kitchen. Mostly, i just needed to impress on all of you just how cute my daughter is...)

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